Mice Control

Despite not being as infamous as rats for spreading disease, mice can still be a serious issue, causing many problems around any premises.  Often mice chew through water mains and wiring, leaving the premises owner with a huge bill for the damage.  Unfortunately, this damage cannot always be claimed through insurance companies, who often do not pay out for damage caused by vermin.

If you have a mouse problem, contact Tracker Pest Control on 07562108883 for professional mice control extermination services.  We are available 7 days a week.

Mice Infestation

A mice infestation can occur in a very short period of time due to their quick breeding pattern.  If you start noticing mouse droppings around the premises, then it may be time to consider contacting a professional mice controller.  Tracker Pest Control can advise on the best method: traps, poison baits, or proofing the premises.  Whatever the method, we will ensure it is the best for the customer’s situation and that client safety remains paramount.

Pest Prevention

As always, Tracker Pest Control always advises that prevention is the best method of best control.  By conducting a site inspection, we will be able to identify the common entry points that are appealing to mice.  This can be particularly useful for large premises, such as factories, as these often require repeated mice control call outs.  A pest prevention survey can protect the premises from mice infestations, decreasing the chance of structural damage health implications, as well as the cost associated with repeated call outs for pest control.

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Bee Removal and Relocation


Live Bee Removals in Essex

Bees provide an excellent service to our planet’s ecosystem, but sometimes they decide to form their hive in an inappropriate or awkward place.  Whether it be in your chimney, roof space, or even managing to get into your walls or cavities it can be a stress to try to live alongside them.  Tracker Pest Control are the Essex specialists in removing and relocation of unwelcome honey bees that have arrived at your property and taken up permanent residence in a place that they shouldn’t have. 

Tracker Pest Control specialise in the non toxic live removal and relocation of bees in and around the entire Essex area.   We carefully remove the hive by hand, and thoroughly clean the area to ensure that no honey residue or hive structure is left behind. Then we relocate the bees by either donating them to local beekeepers to give them a place to live where they can thrive or moving them to a safer area ourselves.  This particular way of carrying out live bee removal is ethical and you can rest assured we are fully insured to carry out all aspects of the work the correct way, the same way we have been doing for many years.


  • Honey bees in the roof or wall cavities – Generally speaking bees don’t colonise roof spaces, when they are flying in beneath tiles they more often than not are colonising a cavity wall or an old dismantled chimney stack hidden below the tiles.  We remove live bees from walls and can do so without the use of any toxic pesticides.  The method used is determined by the amount of time the bees have been in the wall and the type of wall cavity it is.  The longer a bee colony has been in a wall the harder it can be to remove them but we have many tools and methods at our disposal to ensure every single one is removed safely and with minimal disruption to your property.
  • Honey bees in your chimney or chimney space – Situations where honey bees are making their hive and honeycomb in chimney stacks are extremely common these days, and it’s usually the case that the removal of bees from a chimney happens way more often than any other place that a bee could find to make their hive.  If your chimney is still in use we would recommend having a qualified gas or HEATAS heating engineer attend to disconnect and decommission your appliance before we attend and then to reinstate it afterwards.


For live bee removal in Essex that does not contaminate the environment, damage your home,  kill other bee colonies or allow insecticide to enter the human food chain all while complying with both the law, and other various regulations.  For more information give us a call today on 07562108883, and we will be happy to help to discuss your requirements or for a free no-obligation quote.

Indentifying the Bees in your Home

Masonry Bee Removal & Relocation

Masonry Bees are generally regarded as a solitary type of bee, they do not participate in the creation of hives nor form colonies. Within the UK there are nearly 20 different species of them.

Though you would believe that a single Bee could create such damage but due to their nesting they cause individual holes within soft bricks and mortar joints. These “Bee Holes” are usually found on external walls from 5mm – 25mm deep. 

It’s recognised that a Masonry Bee does not cause serious lasting damage to buildings but with multiple burrows erosion from weather and deterioration as water freezes and expands can lead to issues down the line.

Controlling Masonry Bees is not as easy as it may sound, though can depend on the severity of the situation. Each single Bee hole may have it’s own resident meaning they have to be dealt with individually and ideally the holes be resealed as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

If you are looking for advice or our services please get in contact with our specialist team who will have your problem sorted in no time.


Honey Bee Nest Removal & Relocation

Here at Tracker Pest Control we never use dangerous chemicals to remove Bees from your home or roof, the best course of action is to use our Swarm Collection service.

Do not be alarmed if you come across a swarming hive this is a natural cycle to the honey bees in which involves the old colony reproducing with the old queen bee. The honey bees then leave their hive and form a hanging swarm cluster whilst the scout bees find a good place for their new home. 

Most Honey bee swarms are not aggressive, but it is highly advised to stay away from them until your Bee Swarm collection expert has arrived and safely box them. 

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