Bee Removal and Relocation, Essex

Discovering a beehive near or in your home can be a sticky situation. You may not know how to handle it, or how to prevent it from getting worse. Tracker Pest Control’s trained professionals are here to help you to safely remove and relocate any beehives that have settled near or in your property. While bees are integral for our ecosystem, their presence in our homes such as in chimneys, roof spaces, as well as walls and cavities can prove to be an unpleasant experience to live with. 


Unlike their relatives wasps and hornets, bees swarm in spring and early summer, which is when their colony begins to expand. Sometimes, but not always, the original queen of the hive will leave the nest and take half of the worker bees with her to set up a new home and begin to start a new colony. Unfortunately, bees may choose to relocate near undesirable locations to humans, such as by homes or nearby trees. The good news is that we can help take this issue out of your hands. 


Bee removal is a big task that requires the correct expertise. If you notice a beehive near or in your home, please do not try to remove a beehive yourself, as you can be fined £25,000. Panicking and attempting to kill the colony by spraying pesticides or water only aggravates bees, and could result in injury by sting. 


In instances like these, the best call of action is to contact a professional who can face the issue safely and sensibly. At Tracker Pest Control, we can tackle this pest problem so that you can reclaim your life back again free from the nuisance of unwelcome bees. 


With our years of expertise, we work precisely to ensure a safe and legal removal of colonies while taking great care to ensure that no damage is caused to your property. We always comply with both the law and other various regulations. We use non toxic removal strategies through hand before cleaning the area of honey residue or hive structure. Removing these combs and odors will help to prevent any future swarms from occurring in the same place again.


Alongside providing excellent customer service and restoring peace of mind to you and your family, it is our utmost priority to remain ethical while carrying out live bee removals. You can be rest assured that the bees will be humanely relocated by either donation to local beekeepers, or moved to a safer area by our team, allowing them to continue their life cycle in a natural environment and contribute to the ecosystem once more. With our help, you’ll be free of any unwanted buzzing guests near your home while knowing that you’ve played a part in saving our bees. 


If you live in Essex and are experiencing a beehive problem that is causing you and your family stress, worry, or frustration, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our trusted team members today, who will be able to offer the appropriate support.

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