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Bird Proofing – Chelmsford

People commonly associate problem birds with pigeons and gulls. Did you know though, there is a wide range of birds that can cause costly damage to your premises? Crows, ravens, magpies and jackdaws are just some of the other species that can nest on ledges, roofs and air conditioning units, causing havoc. Other species include sparrows and starlings.  Under the wildlife and countryside act 1981 birds, their nests and eggs are protected and you would face prosecution if you killed or removed them yourself. Thankfully, Tracker Pest Control are fully trained and experienced in ridding these unwanted pests from your property or business site and operate a fully comprehensive bird proofing solution in and around the Chelmsford area.  

Pigeons and other vermin or rodent birds don’t just perch around on the outside of buildings.  Some types of birds can infiltrate the walls of your home, living inside cavity walls or in the roof space, making terrible messes and causing damage. In addition, if a bird dies in a difficult-to-access space, it could result in unpleasant smells.  

Tracker Pest Control specialises in 3 tried and tested methods of bird proofing, prevention and avian pest control in Chelmsford.  These are:

  • Netting – Using netting is a safe, humane and adaptable way of preventing pest birds roosting on or around your commercial premises. Netting can be cut or tailored to your specific requirements, which means both small nooks or large expansive areas can be covered.  The netting excludes birds from flying into particular areas, such as courtyards and canopies. They are available in a range of neutral colours as well as different gauges depending on the type of birds you are dealing with.
  • Anti-Perch Spikes – Depending on the size of bird you are trying to discourage from landing on your property or commercial premises, anti-perch spikes are an effective preventative method.  Used mostly for larger pests such as pigeons and seagulls, the small, thin spikes humanely deter birds from perching on ledges, pipes and other surfaces. You will often see them above ground level where they are used to stop birds resting above people or customers. They are also an effective way of preventing damage caused by bird droppings.
  • Bird Scarers/Noise Emitters – Bird dispersal systems and bird scarers are popular low-cost options for dealing with the birds in a residential area. These often emit noises that scare away the birds, while statues of owls have been known to frighten the birds away.

To discuss any of these pest removal options to deter pigeons, or other vermin, from your property in the Chelmsford area please give Tracker Pest Control a call today to discuss what options would be best for your situation and to arrange your bird-proofing immediately!

Bird Proofing

What our customers in Chelmsford say

I saw a few wasps around the loft and called Tracker Pest Control. He came the earliest he could the next day and looked thoroughly around the loft but there wasn’t any wasps that settled there but he checked again around the outside too to make sure. He was very polite and professional and said he would return quickly if we ever do notice any wasps around and sort them out for us. We’ll defo call him as he was very honest and trustworthy.


I would highly recommend tracker pest control. I had a rat problem under my shed and jack popped round to have a look, he was very professional with the way he dealt with it. I have a little boy so I was a bit weary of the poison being put down, but he explained about the traps and how my boy couldn’t get hold of the poison. I was told to call him night or day if I had any more problems thank god I didn’t have to.