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Birds in loft or chimney?

Essex is home to a diverse array of bird species, many of which don’t cause problems. However, a few birds can become pests and invade houses, commercial buildings, and public spaces. Knowing the various types of bird pests prevalent in Essex is important for effective bird control measures. Here are some common avian pests encountered in Essex:

Issues & Risks Bird Pests Pose To Home and Business Owners.

Bird pests are known to pose an array of problems and risks to both home and business owners. Here are some of the most common:

How To Legally Remove Bird Pests

To control bird pests effectively, various deterrent options are available. These deterrents aim to discourage birds from roosting, nesting, and causing damage. Here are some common types of bird deterrents.

However, when introducing bird control measures, it is essential to comply with local laws and regulations to ensure the humane treatment of birds. Working with professional bird control specialists like Tracker Pest Control is the best way to get results while staying compliant.

removal of bird waste - guano

Tracker Pest Control specialises in the safe and efficient removal of guano, ensuring your property remains clean and free from health hazards associated with bird waste. Our trained professionals utilise industry-approved methods and protective gear to handle guano safely, minimizing any risk of contamination or damage to your property. We employ environmentally friendly cleaning agents to sanitize affected areas thoroughly, eliminating bacteria and odors associated with bird waste. With Tracker Pest Control, you can trust in our expertise to provide effective guano removal services, restoring cleanliness and peace of mind to your premises.

Why Choose Tracker Pest Control?

With many years of experience in both pest removal and pest proofing, our team is the first port of call for residents and businesses.

We are fully qualified with the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH), so you can be confident that we are well-versed and skilled in getting the results you need to be able to get back to your day-to-day.

We have full liability insurance, so your property is in safe hands.

Our expert Pest Control knowledge has been sought by institutions such as the BBC to provide expert insight and opinions on pests found in the UK; including how they gain access to buildings, which conditions are likely to attract them, ways to humanely remove them where possible, and how to prevent further pest infestations in the future.

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birds faqs

  • What are the signs of a bird infestation in my chimney, loft, or rafters?

    Common signs include bird droppings, nesting materials, feathers, constant chirping or flapping sounds, and visible bird activity near entry points.


  • How do I know if I have birds nesting in my loft or chimney?

    Look for nests, droppings, feathers, and listen for frequent bird noises. Visual inspections around the roofline and chimney can also reveal nests and entry points.


  • Why are birds considered pests when they nest in homes?

    Birds can cause structural damage, block chimneys leading to fire hazards, and spread diseases through their droppings and parasites.


  • What time of year are bird infestations most common?

    Bird infestations are most common during the spring and summer months when birds are nesting and raising their young.


  • Can birds cause damage to my property?

    Yes, birds can block chimneys, damage insulation, create fire hazards, and their droppings can corrode building materials and pose health risks.

  • How do I prevent birds from entering my chimney, loft, or rafters?

    Install chimney caps, bird-proof vents, and seal any gaps or openings in the roofline. Regular maintenance and inspections can also help.


  • What should I do if I find a bird nest in my chimney or loft?

    It's best to contact a professional pest control service to safely and humanely remove the nest and take measures to prevent re-entry.


  • Are there humane ways to remove birds?

    Yes, humane removal methods include using exclusion devices, one-way doors, and safely relocating the birds without harm.


  • Can I remove birds from my property myself?

    While DIY methods are available, professional pest control services are recommended to ensure safe, effective removal and to comply with wildlife regulations.

  • What methods do Tracker pest control services use to remove birds?

    Tracker Pest Control professionals use humane trapping, exclusion techniques, and habitat modification to remove birds and prevent their return.

  • How much does bird removal cost?

    The cost can vary depending on the extent of the infestation and the methods used. Contact us for a not obligation site visit and detailed quote.

  • How long does it take to remove birds from my home?

    The duration can vary, but typically it takes a few days to ensure all birds are removed and entry points are secured.

  • What should I do after birds have been removed?

    Clean and disinfect the affected area, repair any damage, and take preventative measures to ensure birds cannot re-enter your home.


  • Are there any long-term solutions to prevent bird infestations?

    Yes, installing bird deterrents, maintaining sealed entry points, and regular property inspections can help prevent future infestations.

  • Do you offer emergency bird removal services?

    Yes, we offer emergency services for urgent situations where immediate removal is necessary to protect your home and safety.


  • What areas do you service for bird removal?

    We operate across North East London and West Essex, including the Epping Forest area.


  • Are your bird removal methods safe for pets and children?

    Yes, our methods are designed to be safe for all residents of your home, including pets and children.


  • Do you provide a guarantee for your bird removal services?

    Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and will return if the problem persists within a specified period after our service.


  • How do I book a bird removal service with Tracker Pest Control?

    You can contact us through our website, call us directly on 07562 108883, or email us to schedule an inspection and removal service.


  • Why should I choose Tracker Pest Control for bird removal?

    We have extensive experience, use humane and effective methods, and offer excellent customer service to ensure your home is bird-free.
    You can also check out our 5* reviews on google.


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