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If you’ve discovered that you’ve got a pest problem, it can be a real pest to remove them, especially when you’re not too sure how best to go about it… [Pest Control Loughton] can help solve your problems.  We are a dedicated local company with a highly trained and skilled workforce, able to rid you of any pests you may have including:


  • Rats & Mice – Discovering you have rats or mice infesting your home or garage can be daunting.  [Pest Control Loughton] can remove all threats of rodents with a package to suit your needs.  We offer humane treatments and safe disposal with methods including poison, pellets and traps.
  • BirdsBird control is a unique proposition…  If you’ve got unwanted pigeons, seagulls or other avian creatures around your property or business we can provide a selection of bird scaring and repelling devices.  Noise makers, predatory bird “kites”, spikes and netting.  No matter the location we will be able to control the problem!
  • WaspsWasps can be troublesome pets, preferring sheltered spots indoors and old burrows outdoors.  Wasp nests are best to remove before the swarm gets too big.  Once you’ve found them though it’s imperative you call us to remove them as soon as possible.  We can ensure to remove all wasps including the queen and the nest without a trace of any to discourage them coming back.
  • Insects Treatment comes in all shapes and sizes depending on the insect.  Whether it’s nets for mosquitoes or spray repellant and paper for flies – Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.
  • SquirrelsThe easiest way to completely remove squirrels is with a live trap.  We will be able to place traps with bait in places you think the squirrels are nesting and feeding and can relocate them once secured.
  • MolesThere are several tried and tested methods of removing moles and we can assess and provide the best method for your property.  Whether it’s a bait technique, destroying the tunnels or emitting a sonar wave to discourage them from visiting we are confident we can rid your garden of moles in no time!


All of our team are accredited and professionally trade in all areas of pest control. 

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