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Despite not being as infamous as rats for spreading disease, mice can still be a serious issue, causing many problems around any premises.  Often mice chew through water mains and wiring, leaving the premises owner with a huge bill for the damage.  Unfortunately, this damage cannot always be claimed through insurance companies, who often do not pay out for damage caused by vermin.

If you have a mouse problem, contact Tracker Pest Control on 07562108883 for professional mice control extermination services.  We are available 7 days a week.

Mice Infestation

A mice infestation can occur in a very short period of time due to their quick breeding pattern.  If you start noticing mouse droppings around the premises, then it may be time to consider contacting a professional mice controller.  Tracker Pest Control can advise on the best method: traps, poison baits, or proofing the premises.  Whatever the method, we will ensure it is the best for the customer’s situation and that client safety remains paramount.

Pest Prevention

As always, Tracker Pest Control advises that prevention is the best method of control.  By conducting a site inspection, we will be able to identify the common entry points that are appealing to mice.  This can be particularly useful for large premises, such as factories, as these often require repeated mice control call outs.  A pest prevention survey can protect the premises from mice infestations, decreasing the chance of structural damage health implications, as well as the cost associated with repeated call outs for pest control.

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