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How to Identify if you have Rats

Rat Droppings – This is the most common way of discovering a rat infestation, finding cylinder shaped, dark brown droppings which look like raisins or large grains of rice.

Dirty “Scrapings” – These would usually be found in a path like trail along skirting boards, walls or between stairway spindles. Rats usually establish a set route and due to this will leave dirt and oily marks from brushing against the surfaces which when done repeatedly will become quite obvious.

Footprints – More commonly found in dusty parts of your home or business finding little footprints with a line trail following behind. It’s recommended if you see something like this is to sprinkle down some flour or fine powder, then check back in order to see if there is a large amount of activity which may identify an infestation.

Gnawing or broken cables – Black Rats are known for their climbing and would more commonly be found in an attic and loft spaces. By checking the wires and other items stored you will be able to clearly see gnaw marks or chewed cables.

What to do if I have a Rat Problem?

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a rat infestation, you will know all too well the problems these rodents present.  At the very least, they are a nuisance that can chew through cables, pipes, and woodwork, and it is not uncommon for rats to cause structural damage.  More alarmingly, they pose a serious risk to health, spreading many forms of disease, some of which can even be fatal.  Professional rat control is essential!

Rats are not choosey about where they infest, affecting both domestic and commercial properties.  If you suspect you have a rat infestation, contact Tracker Pest Control on 07562108883 .  We are able to respond 7 days a week.

Rat Control

Professional pest control is essential when dealing with a rat colony, as rats have excellent survival abilities.  Catching rats poses many problems, due to their ability to climb, burrow and jump.  Add to this their rapid breeding pattern, and you can soon find yourself in a very difficult situation.  Rapid response at the first signs of rodent activity is therefore of the utmost importance.  Early rat control measures can help with neutralising rat infestation.

As the first measure, Tracker Pest Control will conduct a survey to decide the best methods to proceed with the pest management.  Some of the methods we may use include poison bait stations, as well as live catch traps, and return visits may also be considered to monitor progress.

Customer safety is paramount to Tracker Pest Control, so only professional rodenticides (inedible to humans), and tamper proof traps will be used.

Rat Prevention

Preventing a rat problem in the first instance and deterring rats from returning, is another service Tracker Pest Control can provide.  Rat proofing can protect your property from these pests.  A survey can be conducted to identify the rats’ entry points, and Tracker Pest Control can advise on how to make these less accessible, as well as blocking hidden holes, and protecting doorways.  If you require further peace of mind, bait stations can also be deployed strategically.

Tracker Pest Control is happy to assist in neutralising a rat infestation or proof your premises against rodents.  Contact us on 07562108883 .

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