Squirrel Control

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Do not be fooled by the cuteness of these little creatures!  Unfortunately, squirrels are still a pest that can cause our customers problems.  They are a nuisance to home owners, particularly if they set up home in your loft; as well as posing a threat in wildlife reserves, where they remove tree bark.

Squirrels are a rodent, posing very similar problems to those posed by rats and mice. You will often find that squirrels can take up residence in the loft of a building where they can cause structural damage.  They will chew through wires and other structures, creating a structural and financial burden.  Luckily, there are a number of options to be considered when controlling squirrels.

At this point, contacting Tracker Pest Control will provide you with successful and safe methods of squirrel control.  Tracker Pest Control will offer advice on combating a squirrel problem through setting traps, which allows for the squirrels to be caught and disposed of humanely.

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