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Rat Control

Rat Control

Rat Control & Removal in Epping

The prime solution for dealing with a rat infestation within your home or business will almost always be to call in an expert like Tracker Pest Control to evaluate the problem and action a treatment plan.

Are Rats Dangerous To Health?

Rat infestations can be problematic for several reasons. First off, rats can carry a range of viruses that can be passed on to humans, these include leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonellosis. These diseases can be transmitted via contact with rat urine, feces, or saliva, in addition to being bitten or scratched from infected rats.

Can Rats Damage My Property?

Rats often cause damage to structures and electrical wiring, which can cause fire hazards and increase the risk of electrical failures. Additionally, rats are common carriers of fleas, which can also transmit diseases to people and our beloved pets. Lastly, the existence of rats can lead to disagreeable odours and unsanitary conditions, which can cause respiratory complications and other health issues. As such, it is critical to take steps to prevent and exterminate rat infestations to ensure the safety and health of residents or employees.

Rat Prevention in Epping

The most effective way to prevent a rat infestation is to block them from coming into your home in the first instance. Here are some basic steps you can take to help prevent rats from entering your home:

Rat Removal in Epping

If you already have a rat infestation in your home or business, there are several methods we can use to resolve the issue:

Rat Proofing in Epping

After successfully removing the rats from your home, it is essential that we completely clean the affected areas to avoid future infestations. Here are some useful steps you can take to improve effectiveness and reduce risk of further infestation:

Why Choose Tracker Pest Control?

With many years of experience in both rat removal and rat proofing, our team is the first choice for residents and businesses throughout Epping when they have an issue.

Our team are fully qualified with the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH), so you can be confident that we’re well-versed and skilled in getting the results you require to be able to get back to business as usual.

Reach out to Tracker Pest Control today to solve your rat problems for good.